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Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

J Lock & Key is a specialist in home security systems in Grand Junction. We can design and install CCTV systems, IP cameras, as well as water level and temperature monitoring for your home. We do not stop at just intrusion alarms—we can also protect your house from fires and potential water leakage. Contact us at 970.640.4524.

According to statistics, about 4 burglaries occur every minute—which means one burglary per 15 seconds. With these types of crime becoming more prevalent, property owners have invested in home security systems. According to research, burglars tend to avoid breaking into houses that have security systems. If they do enter and the alarm sounds, they flee without even trying to take anything from the house.

Investing in security systems can be very helpful, especially wireless ones. Burglars are known to cut the power or phone lines before they enter a house. With a wireless system, there are less loopholes and your property is safer overall. Aside from securing your home, you should also secure your cars. After all, car theft has been on the rise for many years now. This is especially crucial if you do not have a proper garage to park your car. According to reports, car theft is prevalent in areas where vehicles are just parked on the side of the road.

If you want a secure home and peace of mind, get home security systems for your property. J Lock & Key offers high-quality security systems for everything from residential and commercial properties to vehicles. We have CCTV, IP cameras, and personal monitored systems as well as master key service and more. If you are interested in our services, fill up the online form here on our website.