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Video Camera Systems

Video Camera Systems

Whether you need video camera systems for your place of business or simply lost your keys and need help getting back into your locked vehicle, you can always count on J Lock & Key. Call us at 970.640.4524 and we’ll be there no matter what time of the day or day of the year. We install comprehensive Grand Junction video camera and security systems for both homes and commercial establishments.

You might think that video camera systems are way expensive but it is nothing compared to how much you will lose if your property is burglarized. Although having a video camera system is no assurance that thieves wouldn’t be lurking at your door, it can certainly scare off potential intruders. What’s more, if a burglary does happen, it will be easier to track them down or spot the perpetrators.

Aside from installing a good video camera system, it might be also wise to invest in modern key systems as well as alarms. Burglars are known to run away when they set off an alarm. While you’re at it, you might also want to secure your vehicles. In 2012 alone, over 700,000 motor vehicles were reported stolen in the US. You can invest in high security for cars and even modern keys like computer chip keys.

Having peace of mind is priceless. Invest in video camera systems. Feel free to check all of the security systems and other services we offer here on J Lock & Keys right here on our website. We have a contact form where you can send your inquiries about our services.

Aside from offering security for your commercial and residential property as well as automobiles, we also have water level and temperature level monitoring, solutions for lost keys to doors and safes, and more. Call J Lock & Key at 970.640.4524 for more information.