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Free alarm system?

Well, THE GET YOUR STUFF FOR FREE companies are at it again. Sorry to say but nothing is FREE. Lets look at a national security company that starts with the letter A and ends with T. Everything in this ad, is something most any security company can do. If you want a "free system" and a 3 year contract, I will do it, of course you will have to pay the $99.00 install charge and shipping and handling, but wait there is more. 

The whole security system,(this is just the alarm keypad) at no cost to you for parts, value $850.00, you pay for shipping, handling, installation and monitoring. 
Free 15 PRE WIRED door contacts $645.00 value, that is $43.00 each for a door contact that retails for about $10 to $16 each. In the fine print it says 15 hard wired or 7 wireless contacts. 
You get a $100.00 visa card free?, not in the fine print. You pay shipping and handling. 
Remote key fob. value $ 129.00 These come with all of my alarm systems at no additional charge, 
And then the free digital camera when you "UP GRADE." 
So, lets go over the fine print. 
a 36 month (3 years) CONTRACT, AT $27.99 PER MONTH for a total of $1007.64 basic service and a land line is required. 
This does not include the "Quality service plan" WHAT?
If you want this, you pay more, some features you desire for Burglary, fire,carbon monoxide and emergency alert require a 3 year contract at the price of $58.99 per month, that is $2123.64
What can I do for you?
I will sell you an alarm package that fits YOUR needs and tailored to what you want, at a price you can afford. No contract needed and you may cancel at anytime. Monitoring is $35.00-$45.00 per month. 
Most alarm packages are $1750.00 with monitoring for a year included. It all depends on what your level of security needs are. 
Want a pre programmed system that you can install? simple, we can do it. Just call or email
970-640-4524 of ArneThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And please before you sign up with any of the door knockers trying to sell you a "premium" service and get you LOCKED IN to a contract, read the fine print. easy to get into very hard to get out of.